PEM With Awesome Features

CoolAcharya’s event tool lets you create a customized experience for your subscribers and assign event videos as per requirement.


Dashboard shows statistics of your each and every Events like Completed Events, Upcoming Events and Current Events.


Administrator handle each and every activity of event and have access to upload event videos or any media files related to that perticular event.

Share with Friends

Easy to create and share your personal links. create once and share with many peoples so that within less time you can share your events and ideas.

SEO Monitoring

Using SEO keywords you can be in ranks of google to reach peoples

Post Event planning

Ability for users to download event attachments. Upload event video Disk space utilisation on plan basis Video size limit: as per plan

User-Friendly GUI

User-friendly admin and Event user side, Easy navigation through well defined menus and logically defined structure, Easily customisable branding for Event admin & user side, Easily customisable login screen and dashboard, Eye pleasing colour palettes

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