LMS Features

Responsive Framework
  1. Light & responsive design on corporate trainer's side
  2. Browsers supported: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE and Safari on MAC
  3. Compatible on desktops, tablets & smartphones
User-Friendly GUI
  1. Web 2.0 interface
  2. User-friendly admin and corporate trainer side
  3. Easy navigation through well defined menus and logically defined structure
  4. Easily customisable branding for Admin & corporate trainer side
  5. Easily customisable login screen and dashboard
  6. Eye pleasing colour palettes
  1. Configurable corporate trainer login screen (by Admin)
  2. Configurable corporate employee dashboard (by Employee)
  3. Configurable user registration and information pages
  4. Fully configurable course with numerous levels of departements and sub-departements categories possible
  5. Brandable master head, footer, home page, and style sheets
Social Learning & Knowledge Collaboration
  1. Comment and rating
  2. Social sharing
  3. Subscription-based plan
  4. Nested sub-departments in departments
Video Training Management
  1. Course planning and scheduling
  2. Certification creation after course completion
  3. Scheduling courses concept
  4. Ability for users to download course attachments
  5. Upload course video
  6. Disk space utilisation on plan basis
  7. Video size limit: as per plan
User Management
  1. Customisable user roles (Administrator, Employees) and profiles
  2. Employee users can be imported
  3. Self–enrollment for users
  4. Users can be approved and enrolled manually by administrator
Technical Support
  1. User–friendly corporate trainer mailing system
  2. Automated e–mail notifications and reminders
  3. System announcements at multiple levels
  1. 6 standard reports
  2. Analytics and stats of corporate trainers
  3. Graphical representation for easy analysis
Client/User License Management
  1. Centralised user license management
  2. Site Admin can manage user licenses for multiple clients
  1. Completely web-based
  2. Same experience in IE, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome including Safari on Mac on Learner side